''People may need help. The most important thing is to show them what they can achieve on their own.''

We are RefugEYEs! A charitable group of people who make it possible for disadvantaged people to have more variety and fun in their daily life. Our commitment for them is to create a path where they can discover new things and create on their own.

Step1: Develop

We hold workshops to develop creative ideas for refugees to learn new skills through arts & crafts at a fun atmosphere with a smile on their face!

Step2: Create

Then all together we take active roles to realize those ideas! (Photos, drawings, crafts, creative stories...)

Step3: Display

At the end, we present the artwork they create. Money raised from donations and sales of the artwork help us to make their wish come true.

"the most  importAnt thing for them ıs to realise the  appreciation  of visitors and  how good ıt feels  when people come exclusively  to look at theır artwork."


We carried out our first ever exhibition event with the help of many supporters! Take a look!


We are working on our next exhibition! Stay in touch! Our new project for teenagers "RefugEYEs Young" is coming soon!

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