Explore. Create. Enjoy.

We have 3 steps for ''The creative way to help''

On all those steps, Team RefugEYEs, refugees and you work, create and have fun together.

Step 1: Develop

We hold workshops to develop ideas for refugees to learn new skills through arts & crafts at a fun atmosphere with a smile on their face.

Become part of the community.

They see, they are not alone!

They realize, there are many people out there who want to smile and have fun with them...people who want to teach them...


Step 2: Create

Then all together we take active roles to realize those ideas (Photos, drawings, crafts, creative stories...)

Earn a new skill.

At the workshops, participants learn new creative skills, find new hobbies and create their first artwork with us.

...long and boring days do no longer exist!


Step 3: Display

At the end, we present the artwork they create. Money raised from donations and sales of the artwork help us to make their wish come true.

Feel precious.

It's a wonderful feeling for them to see People come exclusively to look at their Artwork and even pay for to own one of those. They see they have done something valuable and feel precious themselves!


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